Evidence that proves that Ramayana is real

There are thousands of evidences of epic Ramayana, so we are sharing the information of few of them which directly proves its reality

There are many reasons why we tend to decide on the 'Ramayana' associate degree epic. We tend to all have big up listening or looking at Sanskrit literature on tv. It's aforementioned that Valmiki didn't write one substantial piece of text. He combined knowledge from totally different sources passed down orally through the years. Nowadays, we neither tend to discuss historical accuracy nor its existence. Well, keeping aside the debates and views relating to its existence, we should settle for the very fact that the traditional mythological epic has created us to pay for the harsh realities of life.

From dissonance during a family to abduction to lessons concerning proving purity, the epic talks concerning all. In short words, the story is concerning an associate degree exiled blue blood World Health Organization wages war against another king. The World Health Organization seized the former's, an adult female.

Here are the pieces of evidence that prove Ramayana is genuine:-

Lord Hanuman footprints

We all are aware that Lord Rama took the assistance of Hanuman to seek out Sita's location once she was kidnapped by the demon king Ravana. Hanuman had a divine blessing that would enable him to change his size – which suggests he might increase his size to an enormous and conjointly minimize to a mean monkey.

lord Hanuman footprints

Even today, in places like Eliya in the country and Lepakshi in the state, there exist footprints of Hanuman in several sizes, giving a touch of his existence.

Ram Setu

Ram Setu

Also referred to as Adam's Bridge, Ram Setu may be a bridge designed by the Vanar Sena that Ram wanted to reach Lanka and rescue his married woman Sita from Ravana. The bridge is a chain of rock shoals between Rameswaram Island of Madras and Mannar Island of Ceylon.

Associate in Nursing Space Administration | NASA, an independent agency} uploaded an image of an underwater bridge connecting Asian nation and Ceylon.


Hanumangarhi is a temple of Lord Hanuman settled in Ayodhya. The temple has over seventy stairs and is lapidarian around the cave. It's believed to be where Hanuman waited for Lord Ram, whereas he was in exile.


Dark Soil

ashok vatika

Hanuman's tail was an assail hearth once Ravan was seen concerning his efforts to free Sita. Within the method, Hanuman jumped from one part of the dominion to a different one with the fireplace on his tail. Even nowadays, wherever Ravan's kingdom once stood has soil somewhat darker than encircling areas.

Cobra Hood cave

Located in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, this cave is tested by Archeologists to be a hundred % natural and added that human hands couldn't etch its mysterious form. Tradition states that Sita was controlled captive by the Asuras, and one will still see Cave paintings constantly portrayed here. This cave is formed like a “giant elapid snake" and is observed as a Cobra Hood cave by the natives.

Cobra hood cave

It's also tested that the paintings date from the pre-Christian era that stands by the testament that Sanskrit literature happened in and around the same time as quoted in the Valmiki text.

Existence of Konda Kattu Gala, Ishtreepura

pond of tears

Sita Hindu deity, is claimed to own a tub within the terrible stream, and Sabbatum on a rock was drying her hair; due to that, the place got its name, Konda Kattu Gala. This place is found even currently in Welimada space, Sri Lanka.

Legend states that Ravana raps Sita to Ishtreepura once her abduction. 

This was associated solely with ladies' space as he was involved regarding her place of imprisonment post the abrupt arrival of Lord Hanuman as a courier of peace from Lord Rama.

Existence of Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh.

When Ravana kidnapped Sita Devi, it's the same that they suddenly met Jatayu tried his best to prevent that from happening. Jatayu is claimed to be a demi-god in vulture type, and therefore the place, wherever he fought Ravana, is -Lepakshi, a state that exists constantly as a temple even nowadays.

Lepakshi Temple, andhra pradesh

Koneswaram temple, Sri Lanka

Koneswaram Temple

King Ravana's devotion for Lord Shiva is alleged to have earned him the most reverence and respect in Sri Lanka that a temple is made in Sri Lanka for him. This is often the world's 1st instance where a temple is being designed for an exponent instead of for whom he's dedicated. This temple exists as the Koneswaram temple in the country.

Existence of Hot-wells of Kanniya

It's mentioned in Ramayana that Ravana designed hot-wells in Kanniya in and around the Sri-Lanka temples, and therefore the same exists even now. this is often a perennial supply of plight for the Sri Lankans

Existence of Ashokavanam, Sri Lanka

Ravana is claimed to possess later affected mythical beings to a gorgeous forest cited by the name of Ashok Vatika in Valmiki's text. This stunning expanse of forest exists even currently in Sri Lanka and is referred to presently by Ashokavanam.

Existence of Sita Eliya, Sri Lanka

The stream during which Queen Sita bathed stands constant even nowadays. This was antecedently named Sita Eliya, while the spot is typically named as- 'Sita Journal.

Four tusked elephants

The Ramayana proofs bring one more surprising warranty regarding the four tusked elephants mentioned in Valmiki's Ramayana; it's aforesaid that the four tusked elephants (gomphotheres) were the guards to blame of Lanka once Ravana dominated the land, and also the story states that Hanuman managed to put eyes on these elephants.

These four tusk elephants existed somewhere around 12-1.6 million.

Pushpaka vimana

Pushpaka Vimana, which implies a “flower-carrying plane," could be a legendary Ayyavazhi plane. Pushpak Vimana was sent to move Ayya Vaikundar to Vaikuntam, in line with Akilattirattu Ammanai, Ayyavazhi's spiritual book.

According to reports, the Sri Lankan government selected to implement deep analysis on Ravana and, therefore, the country's regional history. “According to the report, the govt of the land believes Ravana was the world's 1st flier and flew over 5000 years agone. The island nation is currently desirous of studying the traditional strategies of flight. The authority has commonplace contract documents, books, and different historical content associated with King Ravana as a primary step within the investigation. Ravana used the plane to abduct Sita from India and take her to Lanka in line with the epic.


The Ramayana may be a poetic account of our forefathers' history and manner of life. It teaches individuals to be accountable, loving, and respectful of others.

The Ramayana has also been the topic of diverse Indian films and tv miniseries, still motivating performers from era to era. You'll be able to watch all the Netflix you would like, however as an Indian, you feel in narrating the epic story of Ramayana to the planet for that marvelous story that happened within the terrible place you were born. Jai Sri Ram!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

Q1. Who wrote Ramayana and Mahabharata?

Ramayana was written by saint Valmiki and Mahabharata was written by saint Veda Vyasa.

Q2. Which stations will be covered by Ramayana Express?

 IRCTC’S Ramayana Express will cover Ayodhya, Sitamarhi, Janakpur, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Chitrakoot, Nasik, Hampi, Rameshwaram and Kanchipuram.

Q3. Who wrote Ramayana in Hindi?

Shri Goswami Tulsidas Ji is the writer of this great Epic Ramcharitmanas. Tulsidas wrote Ramayana. The language of this book is Awadhi.

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