6 Must visit heritage sites of Tamil Nadu

The heritage sites of Tamil Nadu are the sites which showcases the real Indian History, which are somehow lil preserved from Mughal Invaders

Every day, folks around the world celebrate their culture and heritage by living their lives in ways that exemplify wherever they {are available} from and the way things are wiped out a part of the globe. However, once a year, we tend to put aside sooner or later to celebrate humanity's shared history and heritage. This sooner or later has been appointed as World Heritage Day and is widely known each Gregorian calendar month eighteen.


World over, we've many heritage sites waiting to be explored. Here are the best historical sites of Tamil Nadu 


At a distance of 114 kilometers from Kodaikanal, 136 kilometers from Trichy, 169 kilometers from Thanjavur, a hundred and seventy kilometers from Rameswaram, 209 kilometers from Coimbatore, and 464 kilometers from the metropolis, Madurai is the third-largest town in Tamilnadu. It's one of the only prominent places of pilgrimage in Tamilnadu and among the must-visit places as half of Madurai packages.

Heritage site

Situated on the banks of the watercourse Vaigai, the town is incredibly documented for Madurai Meenakshi Temple, among the only famous places in Madurai. Typically observed as Athens of the East, Madurai is the oldest regularly populous town within the Indian terra firm with a qualitative history analysis back to the Sangam amount of the pre-Christian era. It's been populous since at least the third century BCE. It's thought-about the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu.


At a distance of fifty-seven metric linear units from Thanjavur, 133 metric linear units from Madurai, 212 metric linear units from Coimbatore, and 334 metric linear units from Madras, Tiruchirappalli, additionally known as Tiruchi or Trichy is that the fourth largest town and body headquarters of Tiruchirappalli district in Tamilnadu. Placed on the banks of the Cauvery watercourse, Trichy is one of the famous Tourist places in Tamilnadu.


Tiruchirappalli is home to varied historical monuments and temples that attract travellers and pilgrims from all country elements throughout the year as half of Trichy tour packages. The history of Tiruchirappalli begins within the third century B.C., once it had been below the rule of the Cholas. It had been a fastness of the first Cholas that later fell to the Pallavas. However, the Pallavas ne'er remarkably managed to retain management of this strategic town and lost it to the Pandyas many times. Trichy continued to be within the possession of Cholas till the decline of the empire once it became a Vijayanagara fastness. Trichy came under the rule of Nayaks of Madurai once the collapse of Vijayanagara, later to the Marathas of Tanjore, the Nawabs of Carnatic, the French and eventually British people. It has the best historical monuments in Tamil Nadu.


At a distance of forty-three klick Cuddalore, forty-three klick Mayiladuthurai, sixty-six klick from Pondicherry, eighty-five klick from Nagapattinam, 189 klicks from Kanchipuram, 217 klicks from the urban centre, 303 klick from Madurai and 173 klicks from Trichy, Chidambaram could be a pilgrim's journey city within the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu. Renowned for Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram is among the foremost celebrated shrines in the South Republic of India and the top standard place of pilgrimage in Tamilnadu.


Also called Thillai, Chidambaram is one of the famous places close to Trichy. Chidambaram Temple has tremendous spiritual, historical, and cultural significance. This is often one among the Panchabhoota Stalas, signifying the five components of wind (Kalahasti), water (Tiruvanaikka), fireplace (Tiruvannamalai), earth (Kanchipuram) and house (Chidambaram). It's one among the should visit places as half of Chidambaram tour packages.


At a distance of fifty-seven kilometers from Chennai, sixty-five kilometers from Kanchipuram, ninety-six kilometers from Pondicherry, 420 kilometers from Madurai, and 290 kilometers from Trichy, Mahabalipuram (also referred to as Malappuram) is set in Kanchipuram district of state. It's one of the important heritage sites in Tamil nadu and one of the most effective places to experience Tamil nadu commercial enterprise.


Mahabalipuram is known for its historical monuments, sculptures, scenic beauty, culture, and tradition. Intrinsic seventh-century cerium shore temples are the outstanding attractions that may be visited as half of Mahabalipuram tour packages. These temples, engineered primarily throughout Narasimha Varman and his successor Rajasimha Varman, showcase the movement from rock-cut design to structural buildings. Therefore, the mandapas and the rathas formed as temple chariots are made of granite rock faces. The noted Shore Temple, erected a century later, is constructed as a structured temple with Brobdingnagian blocks of rocks following fantastic design. It is an excellent historical site to visit in Tamil Nadu.


At a distance of sixty-eight kilometers from Vellore, a sixty-five kilometer from Mahabalipuram, seventy-five kilometers from the metropolis, 108 kilometers from Tirupati & 127 kilometers from Pondicherry, Kanchipuram or Kanchi could be a temple city and also the headquarters of Kanchipuram district. It's one of the top popular weekend getaways from Chennai and among the significant places in Tamil Nadu.


Kanchipuram is one of the top renowned places of pilgrimage in Tamil Nadu. Kanchipuram incorporates a made history, and it's one of the oldest cities in the Asian country. The temples of the Kanchipuram area unit are better-known for grandeur and excellent design. The design of Kanchi monuments was stylish with excellent sculpture work and distinctive vogue and have become a benchmark for South Indian design. This is often another common attraction as half of Chennai tour packages.


At a distance of fifty-six kilometres from Trichy, eighty-six kilometers from Nagapattinam, 112 kilometers from Chidambaram, one hundred seventy kilometers from Madurai, 326 kilometers from Chennai, Thanjavur, additionally called Tanjore, could be a town and district headquarters within the state of Tamil Nadu. Located on the banks of the watercourse Cauvery, Thanjavur is one of the famous places of heritage in Tamil Nadu, and among them should embrace places in Tamil Nadu tour packages.

Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Thanjavur is known for the Brihadeeswarar Temple, built by Rajaraja Chola in 1010 AD. Additionally, the massive Temple is one among United Nations agency World Heritage Sites in India and among the popular places to go to as half of Thanjavur tour packages. This place has a great variety of historical monuments of Tamil Nadu.

The city was once the frontier of the historic Cholas and became the foremost necessary town within the Chola Empire and remained its capital until the emergence of Gangaikonda Cholapuram in 1025. Since then, Thanjavur has been one of the top political, cultural and spiritual centers of South India. Throughout the preceding decade of the eleventh century, the Chola king Raja Raja Chola I (985-1014) made the Brihadeeswarar Temple. The Temple is considered one of the most effective specimens of South Indian temple design.


So, these were the top six historical sites of Tamil Nadu and the best historical monuments of Tamil nandu to visit. These places have very cultural heritage, and you will enjoy them there. 

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