9 Unknown of Ashoka The Great

As for India, we apparently had one of the oldest and largest secret societies, called "The 9 Unknown Men", founded by Ashoka the Great over 2000 years ago.

We had heard of Many strange theories in the world but the Story of 9 Unknown Men is not just the story, it has strong evidence and relation with the history of India and the world. let us check out the whole story.


You may have heard of the 'Illuminati', the 'Priory of Sion' or 'Opus Dei', but long before they entered the scene, some 2000 years ago, the Indian secret society was born.

If myths are to be believed, the “Nine Unknown Men” can be one in every of the oldest secret societies within the world, as Indian roots belong to the oldest civilization and so on this place still have many many secrets to be revealed and 9 Unknown Men are one of those secrets

 What is 9 Unknown Men of Ashoka the Great

Legends say that this secret society 9 Unknown Men was founded by Emperor Ashoka the Great after his bitter victory in the Kalinga War. in the hands of the wrong men. It was then that he created a group of nine men in their honor with the responsibility of collecting, developing, and testing new scientific theories; every man has rewarded a book which he had to review, update and make the final knowledge flawless. Of course, the men's identities have not been revealed and have been sent around the world in their quest to learn under the guise of spreading Buddhism.

Ashoka Samrat

At the time of great educational institutions such as Takshashila (Taxila) and Nalanda, with their world scholars and the library of wisdom, have existed in the past of India’s history, there is no doubt that every theory has been carefully documented.

These nine men were only responsible for their own data section. Some say it was done so as not to let greed take its responsibility. When one was to retire, have health problems or die, a successor was carefully chosen to carry on the task.  

At any time, there could only be nine men, no more, no less, and they could come from any corner of the world. The only goal was to protect their scriptures with their life and not to let powerful ideas fall into the wrong hands. The number “9" has a special meaning in the Indian context with “9 celestial influencers" according to Indian astrology, “9 universal elements" according to Hindu philosophy, and the courts of the emperors with “9 influential men".

Are they real or only a myth?

The author, Talbot Mundy, owes his extensive research on the subject to transcriptions written by the great Emperor Ashoka himself. It was explored in more detail in the novel Le Matin des magiciens by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, where they claimed that Pope Sylvester II had encountered the company and had died a mysterious death when he attempted to reveal to the public a “secret device" he had. acquired. 19th-century French administrator and writer Louis Jacolliot also claimed responsibility for the existence of the company.   However, if they truly exist as some of the most brilliant minds, why haven't they saved India from plunder, death, and slaughter? What if they were only meant to protect the scriptures by all means and not to interfere with the end and the confrontation in society? We may never know.

9 Unknown Men by Talbot Munday

The ancient Indian geniuses could accurately determine many modern constants, such as the value of Pi or the distance between the Earth and the Sun; doctors like Sushruta and Charaka had performed plastic and cataract surgeries. Can we attest to this secret society?   In another mythical idea, great men of the mortal world, such as Pope Sylvester II, Doctor Vikram Sarabhai, Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Doctor APJ Abdul Kalam would have been part of this society. intended to disseminate snippets of information for the advancement of society. They also attest to some extraordinary scientific discoveries in India. After all, we are still unaware of the reality of this society and the people who belong to it, if it is real, are well guarded and must remain so for the good of the world. So wrong, we have a phenomenal saga at our fingertips. Win in both!


Emperor Ashoka would have believed that knowledge is power, and the key to preserving this power is to collect, cultivate, and use knowledge in a way that can be used for great deeds, but can also be used for great deeds. prove terrible when exposed to the wrong hands. 

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  1. Yes, I have come across these nine illuminati, too. Osho has told about then, too, and there is some link with the theosophical society in the late 19th century. When one of those illuminati past away, there came always someone taking over his mission. Actually I felt the translation of the Dutch book On the life of Ashoka the Great, as a mission, too, and think that was true for the author, Wytze Keuning, as well. I am sure interested to read this book of Talbot Mundy: The nine unknown and will try to get it. Thanks.


    1. Thank you so much for reading the whole content, we would love it if you share it too and on the other hand, we have even more to tell you about this story just keep in touch, Jezz

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