The village of Indian Army Officers

There is a village in the Bulandshahr district of the province, where nationalism runs within the veins of its individuals. Wherever heroes are a unit born within the soil, troopers start each house here.


There is a village in the Bulandshahr district of the province, where nationalism runs within the veins of its individuals. Wherever heroes are a unit born within the soil, troopers start each house here.

Suppose you begin asking about this village in some corner of Bulandshahr. In that case, individuals can tell you the manner sensible that army village well that village wherever there are unit troopers in each house. Saidpur incorporates a similar identity. And even then, the Saidpur Gram council, that is concerning twenty thousand, is expounded to the Azad Hind Fauj, the three forces of the country, Delhi, UP Police, and lots of security forces. Saidpur has given the country from thousands of troopers to Major General. Saidpur has contributed to several wars, from primary warfare to Kargil.

Indian Army special force


Saidpur is the wrong way to Bhatona from Gulaothi, about twelve miles. Saidpur could be a Village in Bhawan Bahadur Nagar Block in Bulandshahr District of Uttar Pradesh State, India. It belongs to the Meerut Division. It's set twenty-eight km towards the North from District headquarters Bulandshahr. two km from Bhawan Bahadur Nagar. 418 km from State capital Lucknow. Saidpur Pin code is two03411 Nearby villages: Karakura ( 2 km ), Sahara ( two km ), Ennahda ( three km ), Nirsukha ( three km ), Partapur ( four km ) area unit the close Villages to Saidpur. Saidpur is enclosed by Gulaothi Block towards west, Hapur Block towards west, Syana Block towards East, Lakhaothi Block towards South.

This place is within the border of the Bulandshahr District and Ghaziabad District. Ghaziabad District Simbhaoli is North of this place.

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Thakur Deshraj writes that the Jats of Sehra, Saidpur, have innovative respect in Bulandshahr. Sardar rattan Singh, Thakur Shadiram, and Thakur Jhanda Singh had helped the govt. Tons in Gadar. Saidpur Bulandshahr is witness to martyrdom. From the English people to the Kargil war, there's an extended list of martyrs during this village. If there was any spirit of sacrificing life for the country in any town, it's this village. Even the Chief Minister and the Prime Minister are coming back here to the tombs of the martyrs. It can be such a journeying for the Surmas that the village has been crying aloud with the tears of the widows.

The tradition of courage, courageousness, and sacrificing life for the mother country is previous in Saidpur village, located ninety kilometers from the country's capital Old Delhi and twenty-five kilometers from the district headquarters of Bulandshahr. Each family here may be a soldier's family. In an exceedingly second or pressure group, the good heroic tale of the unconquerable courageousness of the martyrs is found—state country rule amount or when independence. The troopers of this village have written such stories of courage, bravery, and martyrdom that this village is understood because of the town of fighters.

Indian Army kargil war

The series of valor

If we tend to point out the history of the last hundred years, then it might start from 1914. In this, one hundred fifty-five troopers visited Deutschland from this village alone. Out of that, twenty-nine were martyred, and one hundred fighters settled there. Wherever he resided was named Jatland. Earlier, there was an associate degree previous martyr memorial stone within the village. It was mentioned that fifty-two troopers were martyred within the initial warfare from this village.

Be it the Indo-China war of 1962 or the war of 1965 and 1971, the troopers of this village had created heaps of sacrifices. Achievement within the Navy, Air Force, and Military are settled in its blood. Saidpur has sacrificed in each battle. This village is witness to the long list of 171 martyrs.

Sukhbir Singh Sirohi of Saidpur received the Param Vir Chakra in the 1965 war. Except this, there are dozens of medals received from the country and, therefore, the state for bravery and courageousness within the zone of Saidpur.

Vijay Sirohi and Mohan Sirohi were martyred on a similar day in the 1971 war

As the Union info and Broadcasting Minister, Indira Nehru Gandhi herself had arrived with the ashes of Lieutenant Sukhbir Singh Sirohi, a UN agency who had been martyred within the Indo-Pak war. The martyr pillar within the heart of Saidpur village speaks of the adventure story of pride here. Therefore, Military Heroes Memorial inhume College awakens a distinct courageousness to the country's youth on a similar route.


Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Chaudhary Charan Singh have returned to the martyr's pillar. Except for these adult male Banarasi Das, WHO was the state's Chief Minister, Mulayam Singh Yadav as Defense Minister, Raja Bachchu Singh and Chaudhary Mahendra Singh Tikait has returned here. There are 250 windows of troopers in Saidpur together with martyrs and retired. If husbands set down their lives while fighting the enemies on the border, then the wives additionally became partners in their sacrifice.

Surendra Singh was martyred in the 1999 Kargil war while fighting the enemies. Once his body arrived wrapped within the tricolor, a crowd of over one hundred thousand bid farewell to the martyr with watery eyes.

Martyr Pillars

There are two martyr pillars within the village. One wherever there's associate inscription bearing the names of the troopers WHO died within the initial war, the opposite is found at the opposite finish of the village, next to the inhume faculty ground. Here is the sculpture of Naib Surendra Singh Ahlawat, WHO was martyred in Kargil. It's additionally a giant assembly for the youth and elders of the village.

Devinder Singh Sirohi, WHO, was concerned within the Mukti Bahini army on the Indian Navy aspect, which played a polar role within the independence of Asian nation, had seven brothers, of whom five were within the troops. Devinder says, “I was within the Navy; the remaining four brothers were within the army. Our father, cake were additionally within the army; my kids are within the army. The enthusiasm of the military flows within the veins of our individuals. My family is my village. In ME the fervor of the military speaks loudly."

Meaning of patriotism

What is the meaning of nationalism for this village? Those individuals do not solely tell; however, they also testify. Tricolours are formed in many homes. In many homes, the painting is additionally in tricolor. Dheeraj Sirohi, the top of Saidpur, says this is often Saidpur of martyrs. There's one thing in our soil that takes the initiative of each house. We have 3500 retired personnel (pensioners) from entirely different armies, whereas 1500 individuals are presently deployed within the military, air force, Navy, and other security forces. There's additionally a female offspring pilot of our village. The place has additionally given Major Generals. Major General Sheoraj Singh Ahlawat belongs to the current town.

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