7 most famous dishes of 7 North-Eastern Indian states

Do you normally wind up on a vacation to seek out new and unique types of foods? The North-East section of our land may be a gorgeous and thrilling smorgasbord of never seen before items.

With basic raw tastes deep-fried meals with a lot of care and affection, the flavors of North East India just soften in your tongue. One full mouthful is enough to need you on a cooking adventure across the specifically picked delicacies of every state. So, if you desire something new and fascinating and are in the mood to embark on a cuisine adventure then these eight delectable delights from the eight sisters of North East India might have you hungry and yearning for much more!

1. Apong With Bamboo Shoots – Arunachal Pradesh

North East food: Bamboo shoots

Apong is a kind of label for rice beer and is one of the crucial traditional drinks of Arunachal Pradesh Food. This beer is home-made, liberated from any chemicals, and is furthermore lightweight on the buds. The great beverage to drink together with your dinner and the perfect snack to enjoy an Apong is with Bamboos Shoots. Bamboo Shoots offer a fantastic snack and are a terrific side-kick for whatever you'll eat whether it will be with meat, seafood, or green veggies.

2. Smoke-cured Pork Stew – Nagaland

North East food: Pork Strew

No matter however bizarre it's going to seem but Rice, pig, poultry, dog, insects and worms, veggies, and legendary chili sauces are crucial inside the Naga diet. So, if you're a true food trip addict who wants to try different types of foods, Nagaland is that the state for you. However, we can't go into the extremes, merely till their renowned and tasty Pork. Simply the correct amount of crisp on the exterior and fluids on the inner making this wonderful dish of smokiness. The dried smoky pork is sliced into bite-sized things before being cooked in a very slim soup that includes potatoes, tomatoes, and chiles with an abundant amount of salt and smoke!

3. Pukhlein– Meghalaya

Norther easter Pukhlein

The North-East state of Meghalaya is known for meals prepared from Bamboo Shoots and Pork like its rivals. However, what makes it distinct is that the huge assortment of sweet meals it provides, in contrast to various sister states. And one among all such drool-worthy sweet meals is Pukhlein! Pukhleinn is powdered rice, sweetened with jaggery. The jaggery and rice combination is deep-fried along inside the pan, to form a deep, thick paste. The golden-brown soft rice is finest served with a nice type of meat products and is a wonderful reprieve to ease the tongue.

4. Masor Tenga – Assam

Types of food

The North-East is fantastic with a big range of delicacies to excite the taste buds that you simply will not discover anywhere else and Assam is incredibly a condition delivering the most effective pallet of tastes ranging from vegetables to beef, duck, and fish and consequently the ever-famed bamboo shoots and pork. Masor Tenga is a zesty fish dish, a delightful treat for all cuisine enthusiasts. This fish curry is designed with everything sour and tasty! The fish is gently simmered in a thick, acidic broth prepared with tomato, Outenga (elephant ear), and lemon. The tip result's soft, melting inside the mouth fish, which is extremely delectable.

5. Panch Phoran Tarkari – Mizoram

Panch Phoran Mizoram

The state of Mizoram is not very extensively explored nevertheless that doesn't imply that it falls behind anyhow with its cuisines. The cuisine of Mizoram may be considered as a blend of North Indian and Chinese elements. A well-looking combination of different tastes. This meal named Panch Phoran Tarka is one of the most renowned foods in this state. It can be made for the people of both the taste buds whether it is Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, it can be served to make it in both the forms. In the vegetarian form, it's produced from brinjal, pumpkins, and potatoes. In the non-vegetarian variant, it's generally cooked with chicken. This fiery Tarka true its name is wonderful!

6. Sha Paley – Sikkim


The cuisine of Sikkim may steal your soul away and trap you forever and make you return again and again. The cuisine of Sikkim may be a rich blend of Nepalese, Tibetan, and local Sikkimese food and this mix of three cultures on a platter are savory excellent. Sha Paley, a gorgeous meal of Tibetian heritage is bread loaded with ground beef and cabbage shaped into semi-circles which are then deep-fried. But instead, one step ahead! Several changes have been done to this classic meal, and people have quickly embraced the inclusion of cheese and tofu in the stuffing making it suitable for the vegan as well.

7. Mui Borok And Chuwarak – Tripura

Mui Borok

One of the tiniest states in India, Tripura isn't smaller on any element as compared to numerous states specifically whenever it contains food and cuisines. Mui Borok is a typically prepared fish that may consistently type a locale of your dish while in Tripura. Also known as Berman, it is dried and fermented fish which is cooked without any oil and so it is regarded as incredibly healthful. Berman will heighten your taste senses since it is highly salty and spicy in flavor. Chuwarak, on the flip hand, is the famed scotch and champagne of the state, the ideal accompaniment to your fish. It is one of the safest alcohols to consume in the world.


So, these were the 7 different dishes from 7 different states. These are the most famous dishes according to their states. You can try them out whenever you travel there.

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