6 mouthwatering indian street foods in 2023

India is a country of diverse cultures, traditions and languages. It has a rich cultural heritage dating back thousands of years

Culture of India

India is a country of diverse cultures, traditions and languages. It has a rich cultural heritage dating back thousands of years. Indian festivals are colourful and numerous, with different celebrations for different religious occasions.

Indian culture is one of the oldest in the world; it has been influenced by many other cultures, like Greek, Persian or Arabic, making it unique from other countries' cultures!

Indian culture is one of the most exciting cultures in the world. Here are some interesting facts about Indian culture to know.

India is truly a country of diversity, with a culture that plays a vital role in everyone's life. The vibrancy of the culture is reflected in our music, art, literature, and cinema. The food we consume and how it is prepared demonstrates this passion for something new. It's not just about our food either: millions across India wear their clothes with pride, traditional or modernised garments.

Indian cuisine tradition 

Indian cuisine is a combination of many cuisines.

Indian cuisine is a combination of many cuisines. It's influenced by the country's history, geography, climate and religion.

Indian cuisine has its roots in ancient times when many different types of food were available in India. Some examples include rice dishes; wheat bread; oats and millets (a kind of cereal grain); pulses (peas or lentils) like chickpeas or beans like black gram used as a vegetable protein substitute for meat dishes; fruits like banana slices dipped in sugar syrup served with cream & nuts on top to make an ice-cream cone called “Bundi Chocolat" made from boiled milk solids which become stiff when frozen into a cone shape before being cut into pieces which can be eaten directly out of their container without having them melted first!

Indian’s affection towards Street food

Street food is a favourite part of Indian culture. It is the central part, if not only, which best represents India or Indian style in general. Street food of India is given a special place in the hearts of all Indians who want to try something different and taste some new delicacy at least once a week.

In India, street food has been a part of life for ages. Over the years, it has become an art form and an integral part of our Indian culture. Street food is comfort food; that’s why we love it!

Indian street food is famous for taste, diversity and its nutritional value. Most people love to eat street food as it provides cheap, nutritious food, which helps them cover their daily expenses.

Indian culture has a lot more to offer than just its great taste. Many more things can be learnt, relished, and explored through various cultural values. One of these is the love of street food in India.

Street food that loved by Indians

famous street food of india

Vada pav 

Don’t forget the Vada Pav, a popular street snack from our city of Mumbai. Made from potato-filled fried bread, this simple dish served with chutney and chana makes for a perfect weekend brunch or after-school snack.

Vada Pav, a favourite North Indian Street food and one of the most popular snacks, is traditionally prepared in small hand-made pancakes. Vada pau is made by shallow frying on a skillet or tava; more significant pieces of mitha batter dough are stuffed with spiced potatoes and lentils like chickpeas, black gram, peas and pigeon peas.

  • Idli sambhar

Idli sambhar is a crispy, savoury snack made from Idli or steamed rice and Sambhar or a mixture of chutney, grated coconut and spices. This combination works like magic and makes for the best Indian roadside snacks.

From the street food, have a bite of Idli sambhar! The combination is just perfect.

It is a simple and healthy snack for the whole family. The kids will love this!

indian street food
famous indian street food
  • Momos

The momos are delicious and traditional Nepalese dumplings. Nepali momos are puffy dumplings with various ingredients, including minced meat and vegetables. They're often served as appetisers or snacks but can also be done for dinner.

Some people think momo is Nepali food, but they are wrong. Momos are Tibetan food! You wouldn't know it, but they are the staple food of people across Tibet, Nepal, India and Bhutan. There are many variations of the shapes and sizes of momos, but all share the same flavours. The best way to eat a momo is to hold it in your hands and let its juices seep. You will be able to feel it get soft between your fingers as you eat this savoury delight.

  • Gol Gappe

Gol gappe is the perfect street food to eat in your car while driving around town or having a picnic in the park.

Gol gappe means gooey mouth. This is how traditional Gujarati people describe a typical meal from the Indian state of Gujarat. The dish consists of boiled potatoes and unripe green mangoes, with onions and yoghurt added for flavour.

For generations, street food has been a way of life. A free exchange of ideas, a time to gather. The best thing is that you meet people who are just like you. People passionate about the same things as you share those passions with you.

Street food is a 20 seconds film, where I sketch a mean and funny expression on my face while eating gappe. It's dangerous to eat with your mother.

famous indian street food
famous indian street food
  • Chole bhature


A bhature is a bread speciality in North India and West Bengal. It consists of three thin loaves of bread or slices of bread last wrapped around a filling. 

The chole bhature is a delicious dish made with flatbread and fried chickpeas. These tasty Indian street foods are popular in the subcontinent and can now be found on most menus in India.

The chole bhature is a delicious dish made with flatbread fried chickpeas. These tasty Indian street foods are popular in the subcontinent and can now be found on most menus in India

  • Aloo chat 

Aloo chat (Also known as Aloo Chaat, Vegetable Biryani or Potato and Beans) is a street food popular in India. It is usually prepared with green peas or channa (chickpeas), which are slowly cooked in spices and yoghurt. Usyoghurtit is dipped in a spicy puri batter before being served.

Aloo chat is a South Indian snack where a baked potato is stuffed with an assortment of chickpeas and other fillings such as eggs and green chillies. The spicy filling surrounds the mashed potato in a crunchy shell, making this snack quite popular among vegetarians. With ghee’s aroma, this delicacy is made with a crispy outer layer and a soft inside. The crunchy outside adds much taste to the sandwich.

Aloo Chaat
  • Conclusion

Street Food is often the most delicious food you can find anywhere. Plenty of savoury foods on India's streets can satiate your hunger and boost your mood with their flavour. Indian street food is famous worldwide because of its authentic taste and diverse options. Commonly, vendors in India are called 'Dhaba' (i.e., carts selling Roasted Corn, Chaats & Samosa, Cone w/icecream, Wada Pav, Fruit Juices etc.) or they sit in front of their vehicle or stall & prepare food for you. This article will provide you with a general insight into the best street food you should try out when visiting India.

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